RDA seeks solution for blighted Tidioute structure

County officials are back to the drawing board on how to handle a burned out blighted property in Tidioute.

The Warren County Redevelopment Authority owns the property at 3 Economy Street, having picked it up for $100 on Jan. 23, according to county assessment records.

There had been hope that Tidioute Borough might take the property and demolish the structure.

But the RDA learned on Tuesday morning that wouldn’t be happening.

County Planner Dan Glotz said he received communication from the borough and said that “council has decided not to accept the building. Disposal of the structure is what has them concerned and the high cost. (We can) try to look for some funding to remove it.”

Glotz noted the borough “did agree to go ahead and secure the first floor so people can’t access it from the ground. They said they would take care of all that.”

Glotz explained that there was an initial inquiry by the borough “to ask the RDA to transfer” the property “to them.”

However, he noted that the borough was “researching costs to dispose” and said “they just don’t have the funds to be able to do that so they rescinded their request.”

RDA member Joe Scully expressed concern that something might fall off the building and strike someone.

“The state is not realizing, we need to get money from the state…. (We) need to prevent a hazard before a hazard becomes a hazard.”

Glotz noted that county Grants Administrator Lorri Dunlap is looking for some funding options to address the property.