Blight Committee talks unsafe Tidioute house

A Tidioute property was in the sites of the Warren County Blighted Property Committee’s Thursday meeting.

Online assessment records indicate that the property at 235 Main St. in Tidioute is owned by Nathan D. Rounds.

Committee Chairman Paul Pascuzzi said that Tidioute Borough completed its part of the process last September and detailed the blight conditions identified by the borough – the home is vacant, has been “allowed to deteriorate,” water and sewer have been disconnected, there is scattered trash and debris as well as “complaints of foul odor and rodents in addition to one known fire.”

The borough also cited the structure’s proximity to the Tidioute Community Charter School.

What’s interesting is the property is not tax delinquent,” Pascuzzi said. “(It’s) just a property that needs some help.”

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston noted that the “porch looks like it’s about to collapse. That’s not good.”

He added that it “looks like the roof on it is sagging.”

Pascuzzi said it’s “hard for us to determine” what the owner’s plans are “unless we invite him to our next meeting.”

The committee unanimously agreed to invite the owner to the next meeting as well as to encourage the borough to be represented at the meeting with updated pictures of the property.

Pascuzzi noted the property “looks like it could possibly be… renovated in some fashion. Who knows what the inside looks like (and) how long it’s been vacant.”

Committee member Dave Wholeben mentioned that the borough’s report notes that the walls and ceilings of the interior appear to be failing and reiterated the mention of a fire.

Wholeben noted the school is K-12 and has “all ages” from kindergarten to 18.

“The risk is the safety of the properties that adjoin and one of them happens to be the charter school,” Pascuzzi said.