5 guilty pleas among preliminary hearings

Five defendants entered guilty pleas, charges were withdrawn against one while one was held for court during preliminary hearings held on Wednesday at the Warren County Courthouse.

The following defendants pleaded guilty:

¯ Allen M. Moore, Coudersport, Pa., to possession of drug paraphernalia and exceed max speed limit established by 11 mph. Charges including two counts of possession of a controlled substance, marijuana – small amount personal use and five counts of possession of drug paraphernalia were withdrawn.

¯ Sherry L. McVagh, Tiona, to possession of drug paraphernalia. A count of possession with intent to deliver was withdrawn.

¯ Aaron M. Albaugh, Warren, to possession of a controlled substance and no rear lights. A count of possession of drug paraphernalia was withdrawn.

¯ Victor A. Ramirez, Clayton, NC, to disorderly conduct engage in fighting, public drunkenness and false identification to law enforcement officers. Charges of resisting arrest and terroristic threats were not prosecuted.

¯ Christian D. Vail, Warren, to defiant trespass and false identification to law enforcement officers. A count of intimidate victim/witness – refrain from report was withdrawn.

Charges were withdrawn against the following:

¯ Paul R. Dawson, Warren. A count of fraud/alter/forge/counter title registration insurance was withdrawn. Charges of fraudulent use/removal of registration plate, driving while operating privilege suspended/revoked, required financial responsibility and display known fictitious/stolen/issued for inspection were recategorized as traffic offenses.

Andrew P. Smith, Clarendon was held for court. He faces charges of DUI: General impairment/incapable of safe driving – first offense, DUI: Highest rate of alcohol – first offense, intoxicated pedestrian causing hazard, use improper class of license, driving at safe speed, not wearing proper headgear on motorcycle, no eye protection device, careless driving and violate hazard regulation. A count of accident involving death or personal injury was withdrawn.