RDA opts for conservatorship at two Youngsville properties

The Warren County Redevelopment Authority is taking action to alleviate blight at two Youngsville Borough properties.

Conservatorship was the course of action selected by the RDA during a Tuesday morning meeting for both 118 Mill St., owned by John Bortz, Jr., and the 16 W. Main St. property of Hobson McKown.

The conservatorship process – which requires judicial approval – essentially provides a way for the RDA to bring about needed repairs without taking title to the property.

RDA Solicitor Andrea Stapleford said that estimates were received to replace two sections of storefront glazing, a second story window pane, concrete masonry as well as some paneling totaling $12,183.

“My next step would be to file the conservatorship petition,” Stapleford said, indicating that she is “not thinking he is going to respond. As things progress, we spend the money to make these repairs. If he doesn’t pay, we file a lien against the property and we can take the property to sale.”

Donna Zariczny, who crafted the budget, said that “we could not get inside and do an interior inspection.”

“Why don’t we move on this and get something done on that,” Authority member Chuck Barone said, making a motion that was approved to continue with conservatorship.

Stapleford said that Zariczny also completed a cost survey for 118 Mill Street and that RDA Chairman John Zavinski signed the conservatorship petition on Tuesday.

She added that the cost estimate came in at $4,595 for work to the soffit and fascia, glass, windows, gutters as well as additional work at the property noting that the work is needed to “secure the building.”

“Just looking through the windows, it’s fairly gutted,” Zariczny said. The stairs weren’t there. The whole first floor was open stud.”

“Going to conservatorship, it is always a last result though,” Zavinski said.


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