Youngsville planners seek ideas

Youngsville Borough needs a five-year plan.

Borough council has initiated a strategic planning effort to “assist the borough government and Youngsville community” in determining “what we should be doing over the next five years to improve our great community,” according to information published by the borough.

The next step in that process is gathering community input.

To that end, borough officials have crafted a survey to pick the brains of the population.

“We want to make sure our plan reflects what our citizens want,” the introduction to the survey said. “Our goal is to develop a plan based on community input that is realistic, achievable, affordable, and inclusive. Youngsville Borough feels it is very important that we receive as many responses as possible.”

A strategic planning committee comprised of more than 20 stakeholders met in February with a moderator from the Penn State Extension to get the ball rolling.

That group determined that a public survey was needed.

The survey is up on Surveymonkey and available through the borough’s Facebook page.

For those without internet access, the survey can be completed at the Youngsville Public Library.


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