State officials inspect local restaurants

The following establishments were recently inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services.

All establishments are in compliance unless otherwise specified.

¯ Wendy’s Cafe, 200 N. Main St., Russell, (Nov. 15) out of compliance, eight violations – waitress fridge had one (1) gallon of white milk with a 11-8 use by date, and one (1) gallon of chocolate milk with a 11-13 use by date, products were disposed; packages of raw ground beef stored above Ready-To-Eat deli ham in the kitchen, moved during inspection; chili and gravy not reheated to 165∂F within two (2) hours for hot holding. The steam table had been unplugged and chili was 85∂F, and gravy was 66∂F. Both were placed on stove, and reheated to 165∂F; can opener blade is dull and worn, and needs replaced; quaternary ammonia concentration in the sanitizing solution of the 3-bay warewash sink was 50 ppm rather than 200 to  400 ppm as required, corrected during inspection; top and interior of the hood system have dust buildup. There is grease / food underneath the fryer / grill. There are some cobwebs on the lights in the kitchen; lights are not shielded or shatter proof in the kitchen, shield had broke the day before and was being replaced; paper towel dispenser empty at the handwash sink in the kitchen, a roll was brought out during inspection. Dispenser is not adjacent to hand wash sink, something needs to be closer to sink. The handwash sink had some dirty dishes in it at beginning of inspection.

¯ Pleasant VFD, 40 Fuller Ave., Warren, (Nov. 8) two violations – ambient air temperature measuring device for ensuring proper food storage in the black kitchen fridge is not accurate to +/- 3∂F, needs replaced; the interior of the ice machine, a food contact surface, was observed to have pink residue and was not clean to sight and touch.

¯ Starbrick VFD, 5 Fireman St., Warren, (Nov. 8) no violations.

¯ Sugar Grove VFD Auxiliary, 11 Wilson St., Sugar Grove, (Nov. 8) one violation – food facility is using an approved non-public water system, but does not have current laboratory testing results for water potability.

¯ Aldi, Inc., 3917 Market St., Warren, (Nov. 4) two violations – severely dented canned items observed and intended for use or sale in the food facility; there is some ice building up on the ceiling of the walk in freezer, dripping down onto pipes and pallet below, not building up on cases of food yet.

¯ Hampton Inn & Suites, 3291 Market St., Warren, (Nov. 4) two violations – the food facility did not have the original certificate for the certified food employee posted in public view, corrected during inspection; observed consumer self-service display of apples without sneeze guards or other effective protection.

¯ Kwik Fill Food Mart, 4170 Market St., Warren, (Nov. 4) two violations – air gauge thermometer on the walk-in cooler not reading accurately. The dial was moving between 38 and 42 deg F, temperature recorded with two (2) digital stem-type thermometers was 46 deg F. Suggested additional thermometers be placed in cooler to verify temperatures. Cooler must be at 45 deg F or below to store milk; there is no sanitize step being used for the coffee pots. Pots are being cleaned with an urn cleaner and rinsed. Facility only has a one basin sink for cleaning. A wash-rinse-sanitize-air dry procedure is needed for the pots.

¯ Country Fair, 27740 Rt. 6, Youngsville, (Oct. 31) five violations – drinks in the retail display stored directly underneath ceiling condensation, unit must be kept free of any condensation; time in lieu of temperature being used as a control for potentially hazardous foods, but a pizza was observed being held past the disposal time marked on the package; women’s toilet room is not provided with a covered waste receptacle for sanitary napkins; two door freezer in the kitchen has a gap in the gasket, which is causing ice formation on the ceiling / fan guards of the unit, a work order had already been placed; employee’s coats stored on bottles of soda in the stockroom, personal items cannot be stored on food products.

¯  Sheffield Area Middle High School, 6760 Rt. 6, Sheffield, (Oct. 31) one violation – cases of food stored underneath condensation within the walk-in freezer, condensation from behind both condenser units needs to be removed before it gets onto and impacts boxes of food.


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