Making America Great Again, in TCCS government class

Donald Trump might be trailing in most national polls, but there’s one place where he’s polling strong – Tidioute Community Charter School.

The school held an election on Monday, a joint effort of a 9th grade civics class and a 12th grade American Government class, according to Matt Dailey, TCCS social studies teacher.

And the students poured themselves into the effort.

“Our classes made campaign signs, wrote papers on campaign platforms of each candidate, and then decorated the gym for a presidential debate,” Dailey said.

The debate was held on Monday and the election on Tuesday for students in grades six through 12.

“Students participated in the debate by waving American flags, and even cheering on their favorite candidate,” Dailey said. “For the debate we picked four students between our two classes to play the four main candidates running for office, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson.”

They did a lot more than dress up.

“They knew their stance on a wide range of topics,” Dailey, who moderated the debate along colleague Ryan Steffan. “It was an incredible experience for these kids who seemed to really enjoy it. They really got into it!”

While it may not bring any electoral votes, Dailey said that Trump won with 90 votes, followed by Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson with 25 each. Six students voted for Jill Stein.

“Election year is a big year in government classes and we wanted to bring that to the attention of our student body,” Dailey said.