Treasurer releases updated repository list

The Warren County Treasurer’s Office has released an updated repository listing sale after last month’s upset and judicial sales.

There are 66 parcels on the updated list with approximately half located in Pleasant Township (12), Limestone Township (11) and Conewango Township (11).

On the list, approximately 25 of the properties are vacant while between 15 and 20 are mobile homes. There are two houses on the list as well, one on .34 of an acre in Mead Township and another on .34 of an acre in Freehold Township.

Parcels on the repository listing are properties that did not sell at judicial sale. When a property does not sell at judicial, the Tax Claim Bureau becomes the trustee of the parcel.

The minimum bid for a property on the repository listing is $250 and can be submitted to the Tax Claim Bureau, which will then submit the proposal to the relevant taxing bodies, the school district, county and relevant municipality, for approval.

If all three of the taxing bodies do not agree, then the property remains on the repository list.

And for some properties on the current list, that means decades.

A lot in the City of Warren has been in repository since 1987 while .04 of an acre in Sugar Grove Township has been in repository since 1993.

In 2013, 25 properties have been added to the list.

But how are those properties taxed? Assessed value? The $250 bid? Judicial sale price?

According to County Treasurer Denny Munksguard the taxed amount would be “the price paid for the property.” He said that value would be “considered the fair market value of the property.”

He explained that there are three instances in which that taxed amount could change: A county re-assessment, if the property is sold as part of another property or if the property is improved.

On Monday, WCSD Business Manager Jim Grosch said that, regardless of the amount, a parcel coming off repository would go from “nothing to something” from a revenue standpoint, noting that the district could “capitalize if someone built on it.”