Warren County School District Superintendent Amy Stewart understands our hands are tied. Despite protective measures the district has taken to keep schools and school extracurricular activities open since September, it’s time for a, well, a timeout. Among further restrictive measures ...


Electoral College The electors who will comprise Pennsylvania’s Electoral College delegation are selected by the respective parties, not by Congressional district as reported in Tuesday’s Times Observer.

Pennsylvania confirms virus resurgence; no plans for lockdown

Pennsylvania is "at the start of the fall resurgence" of COVID-19, the state's health secretary said Wednesday, but does not plan to reimpose a stay-at-home order or shut down businesses again in response. Wednesday marked the ninth consecutive day that Pennsylvania's daily case count ...


Mail-in and absentee ballots will be accepted through Nov. 6 if postmarked by 8 p.m. on election night. The incorrect date was published in a story in Wednesday’s Times Observer.


The bonus round for anterless deer licenses will start on Aug. 3. The incorrect date was inadvertently published in Thursday’s Times Observer.

PPP Loans

A story that appeared in Friday’s edition of the Times Observer stated that John Anderson Construction Inc. had received $1-2 million in Paycheck Protection Program funding to support 20 workers, based off information provided by the Small Business Administration and Treasury Department. ...