County lists first COVID death

A Warren County resident has reportedly died of COVID-19.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, there have been five confirmed and two probable cases in the county, for a total of seven. There had been 719 negative tests as of noon Thursday.

And the state now shows one death among the county’s stats on the dashboard.

The department allocates cases and deaths based on a person’s residence – not necessarily where they were when then contracted the disease, were tested, or, in the case of deaths, where they died.

According to Warren County Commissioner Ben Kafferlin, the person listed on the dashboard did not die of COVID-19 in Warren County.

“It may be a Warren County resident, but it did not happen in Warren County,” he said.

Warren County Coroner Melissa Zydonik confirmed that information.

“I haven’t had any deaths,” Zydonik said Thursday afternoon. “If it was a Warren County resident, it did not happen here.”

She said she is working with contacts in other counties to glean additional information about the case.

The last two new cases were identified this week, with the county’s numbers going up to six total cases on Monday and to seven on Wednesday.

The county’s first case was reported by the Department of Health on March 24.

There was not a second reported case for almost two months – until May 13.

The third was reported on May 20.

Cases four and five were reported on consecutive days — June 3 and 4.


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