Drugs, license violations land Warren woman in state prison

A Warren woman will spend a minimum of nearly six years in state prison on a range of offenses from driving without a license, intent to deal methamphetamine and an assault with a baseball bat.

Marcella K. Gigliotti, 56, was sentenced by President Judge Maureen Skerda Friday morning.

It was stated when she entered her plea that Gigliotti struck a victim multiple times with a metal bat.

Gigliotti called it a “reaction” and said she was “not intending” to hurt the victim.

The drug charge stems from 5.5 grams of methamphetamine possessed, according to law enforcement, “with intent to distribute.”

“It was personal use,” Gigliotti responded when she pleaded guilty.

She was sentenced Friday to charges at four separate dockets totaling 72 to 174 months incarceration in the state prison system.

The drug charge brought 27 to 72 months incarceration — with four days time served — and $5,525 in fines and fees.

A “deadly weapon used” enhancement was incorporated on the simple assault charges stemming from the bat attack. The sentence totaled 12 to 24 months incarceration with $950 in fines and fees, submission of a DNA sample and priority for drug treatment in the state prison system. She was given credit for 136 days time served at that docket.

A third offense of driving on a DUI-related suspended license drought 24 to 60 months incarceration, $1,325 in fines and fees and a 12 month license suspension.

The last docket relates to a DUI.

Skerda said that this offense is Gigliotti’s seventh life-time DUI.

She was then sentenced to three months to six months incarceration, $1,925 in fines and fees, participation in the alcohol highway safety school a 12 month license suspension, treatment and 90 hours of community service on the DUI charge as well as six to 12 months incarceration and a $100 fee on a count of possession of a controlled substance and six to 12 months incarceration to be served concurrently with another 12 month license suspension on a count of driving on a suspended license.

The total length of the sentence — 72-174 months — also triggers a requirement for 12 months of reentry supervision once Gigliotti is paroled.


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