Bond denied in meth case

A Garland man charged in connection with a regional methamphetamine ring and facing the prospect of life imprisonment will remain jailed.

Gale A. Flick Jr. has had a motion to re-open a bond hearing debut by a federal judge.

Flick “and (Carina) Tucker operated out of a rural residence known as ‘The Farm’ where they managed a crew of ten or more ‘runners’ at a time who would pump a steady stream of methamphetamine to the surrounding area,” the DOJ indicated in a filing opposed to Flick’s bond being re-considered.

“Throughout the height of the network’s activity, the members of the organization trafficked an estimated one hundred pounds or more of methamphetamine.”

His counsel filed a lengthy document– mostly redacted due to private medical records — which note issues with obesity, high blood pressure and a history of hypertension and stroke. He added that these conditions could impact the severity of a potential COVID-19 cases.

“Mr. Flick is a sick man,” his attorney wrote. “His health, indeed his life, should not be placed at risk while awaiting resolution of this case.”

A hearing memo notes that “after argument, the Court will deny the motion to reopen bond.”

A total of 16 individuals were charged in connection with this operation and one, Nicholas Barnes, successfully petitioned the court for release to a W. Main St. address in Youngsville.

“The Farm” operated from mid-2018 into 2020 out of a Hunter School Road address.


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