Man arrested after providing questionable urine screen, fleeing

A Warren man is behind bars after he provided a questionable urine screen to probation officers and then attempting to run from the courthouse.

According to a statement from the Warren County Adult Probation Department, David R. Smithers, 37, was at the courthouse for a scheduled appointment.

“A urine screen was obtained from Mr. Smithers however it came back invalid without a temperature,” a statement from the department explained.

A probation officer was escorting Smithers back to the probation office when he “abruptly turned left and fled out of the Probation doors.”

Two officers followed as Smithers crossed Fourth Avenue and went into the Mansion House parking lot.

One of the officers caught up with Smithers and tackled him to the ground.

“Officers attempted to gain control of Mr. Smithers hands, however, he refused and kept trying to break free of both officer’s hold,” the statement said. “Officers were able to get the attention of a passerby who called 911 and reported the incident to City Police. City Police officers arrived on scene soon after and were able to secure the defendant in handcuffs.”

According to probation, over $800 in cash was found on Smither’s person and that he was taken to the Warren County Jail and is “currently incarcerated awaiting further court action and new charges.”


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