Over 300 tree seedlings planted by Forest Service

Photo provided to the Times Observer

The Forest Service has planted over 300 tree seedlings along Irwin Run. The trees were planted on May 21 as part of the agency’s Plant-A-Tree Program. In September 2023, the Forest Service partnered with Trout Unlimited to remove a large culvert from Irwin Run. Removal of the culvert restored the natural streambed improving aquatic organism passage, the stream channel, and floodplain functions. This project created a favorable environment for wild trout reproduction as well as salamanders, frogs, crayfish, and other animals that travel along stream corridors. During the 2023 project, trees were removed to provide access to the stream and regrade the site to reduce the risk of long-term erosion. To revegetate the area, multiple tree species were planted along Irwin Run including American elm, American sycamore, buttonbush, mountain ash, red spruce, red oak, white oak, and white pine. Additionally, tree tubes and fences were installed to help protect the vulnerable seedlings from animal browsing.


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