The plants’ vacation

Nina Woldt

One eventful winter day in the barren backyard, something happened to the plants that lived there, something that would change their lives’ forever…

The plants who lived in the greenhouse were talking. “I wish we lived outside of the greenhouse, said banana tree, the wind in our leaves, animals sniffing us, the little girl tending to us.” And all the other greenhouse plants agreed.

Meanwhile, the garden plants were talking. “I wish we lived in the greenhouse, said cabbage, so nice and warm, rain from the sprinklers every day, the little boy tending to us.” And all the other plant

And so, both groups of plants gathered for a plant meeting. The greenhouse plants said they wanted to live outside, and the garden plants said they wanted to live in the greenhouse. Dandelion dressed as a judge, banged his piece of bark on a rock. “Meeting adjourned.” The greenhouse plants will move outside, and the garden plants will move into the greenhouse.” The plants stampeded to their designated spots.

The garden plants hung brightly colored hammocks between planters and collected water from the sprinklers into a wide plastic crate, making their own custom swimming hole. They collected juice from strawberry plants berries and froze the juice, making popsicles.

The greenhouse plants made a grill and roasted banana trees fruit, they sank their feet into the cold dirt, and hiked to the tops of buildings to feel the breeze in their leaves.

The baby seedlings jumped on animals that ambled past them and rode on them until their steed shook them off.

There was only one major problem. The kid caretakers! It happened one particularly cold morning, they were coming to tend to their plants! They would notice they had switched places and would shuttle them back to their original homes!

The plants scurried around looking for places to hide! ‘Bang, stomp!’ Venus flytrap dove headfirst into the ground. Banana tree crumpled into the ground pulling his huge leaves around himself. Peach tree found a can of red paint and dipped her peaches into it, thus pulling off the identity of Tomato plant.

Similar things were happening in the greenhouse. The boy started to pull open the door. ‘Screech!’ The plants rushed into action! They grabbed their hammocks fast as lightning. They dumped out the water from the swimming pool, they hid the popsicles. And then disguised themselves as greenhouse plants.

The caretakers never noticed and so it went like this for weeks. They enjoyed their new home immensely! But over the weeks all the plants started to feel sick. The local plant doctors went to each plant’s home almost every day, but they couldn’t find a cure.

So, the plant doctors got together and discussed the issue. They came up with one prescription. Going back to your natural habitat. And so, the greenhouse plants went to their warm greenhouse. And the garden plants went back to their outside sanctuary.

And almost immediately they felt better. The doctors found out the problem! The plants weren’t infected by a plant disease! The only thing the plants were infected by was a bad case of homesickness!

And the plants enjoyed the familiar feel of their own homes. And swore they would never swap places again. And they all lived in harmony together.


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