Jeremy and Greg

Jeremy Schafer was always a great student and very helpful at Rinsville Middle School, unlike Greg Clark. Greg had always been a bully at the middle school, and his main target was Jeremy. He was never kind to Jeremy all throughout their years at school, and he would continue to bully him through college.

One day, when both Jeremy and Greg were in their early thirties, they chose to buy a Powerball ticket, and they both won the grand jackpot! Jeremy chose to put most of his money into his savings and he used the remaining money to buy a decent car and house. Greg chose only to buy a very expensive house and car, and he had no money left over.

When it came time for everyone to pay their bills, Jeremy easily paid his off. However, Greg had a lot of debt. Jeremy heard Greg was in trouble and chose to drive over to his mansion to help him with his bills. Greg was very thankful that Jeremy did this to help him, but he was also confused. “How does Jeremy still have enough money to help me pay my bills?” Greg wondered.


After all Greg’s bills were paid, Jeremy explained to Greg that he only used a portion of his money to buy a house and car. He had saved the rest. Jeremy taught Greg how to make smart spending decisions for himself. Moving forward, when Greg received his paycheck, he used Jeremy’s advice. Later, when they both had enough money, they started a charity for people in need.

The charity raised a great amount of money and was very successful. Jeremy and Greg then lived their lives as great friends, and they were both very successful. One day, Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer in his right kidney. All hope seemed lost until Jeremy found out that Greg was a direct match. Greg decided to donate his kidney to Jeremy.

The surgery was successful and afterwards Jeremy went to thank Greg. Greg told Jeremy that he owed him a favor because Jeremy had helped him in his time of need, even though Greg was not kind to Jeremy through school. After this, Jeremy and Greg both lived and died as amazing people and amazing friends.


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