East Forest Elementary students visit Loleta Recreation Area

Submitted Photo

The third and fourth graders from East Forest Elementary School went on a field trip to Loleta Recreation Area in the Spring of 2022. The students went on a nature hike to a scenic overlook that allowed them a bird’s eye view of the vast Allegheny National Forest. Along the way, the students investigated their surroundings for signs of life in the forest. Students found evidence of life by identifying centipedes, worms, ants, caterpillars, slugs, partially eaten leaves, burrows, trails, animal tracks, and animal droppings. Following the hike, the students continued their investigation by examining a nearby stream for signs of aquatic life. Students found evidence of life in the stream by identifying a variety of macroinvertebrates including mayfly nymphs, stonefly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs, crane fly larvae, and numerous crayfish.


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