Brokenstraw Valley Fund supports Wilder Museum work

Submitted Photo Following a tour of the Wilder Museum of Warren County History, Brokenstraw Valley Fund President Rick Brewster, left, presented a $2,500 check to Warren County Historical Society Managing Director Michelle Gray in order to fund the Wilder Museum’s BRICK restoration fundraising campaign. Community Foundation of Warren County Executive Director Robert A. Kaemmerer, right, was on-site to confirm the project’s completion for the disbursement of the funds.

The Warren County Historical Society has received a $2,500 contribution from the Brokenstraw Valley Fund for the Wilder Museum in Irvine.

WCHS Managing Director Michelle Gray said that the funding is part of the Museum’s BRICK restoration fundraising campaign.

“The Wilder Museum of Warren County History has been in the midst of a capital improvement campaign fundraiser for the last year,” she said.

Formerly the Irvine School, the building is over 80 years old. It came to the Historical Society in the mid-1990s “and the board has worked diligently towards the betterment of the building ever since,” she said.

This project, specifically, was in response to an “urgent need of brick repair and restoration” and is another in a long line of repairs and enhancements completed over the years.

Gray wanted to “thank those many individuals who have supported the facility with their charitable donations,” specifically highlighting the Community Foundation of Warren County, Youngsville American Legion Post 658, the Brokenstraw Valley Fund, Ellwood National Forge, among others.

She said those looking to give to the Historical Society next week during Warren Gives can do so.

“All donations for the museum are made under the Warren County Historical Society’s umbrella, just make a note in the ‘in memory’ space and we will be sure that your generous donation is deposited into the museum’s capital improvement projects account,” she said.


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