Struthers hosts showing of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’

The Struthers Library Theatre, in collaboration with the Friends of the Library Theatre and Warren County Pride, presented the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show recently.

Karaoke Hour, hosted by Logan Johnson as Dr. Frank N. Furter, premiered before the movie and showcased unexpectedly talented Warrenites.

Moviegoers truly got into the spirit of the film, including the entire theater staff who kicked off film interaction by grooving and tap dancing the Time Warp. Patrons were given prop bags that included newspapers, toilet paper, sponges, rubber gloves and much more to “perform” along with the screening.

According to Brian Magnani, this year’s master of ceremonies, “As a longtime Rocky enthusiast, I was thrilled to know the library theatre was showing it in 2020. I reached out and was asked to join in. Now I’m looking forward to doing the Time Warp with them every year!”

Douglas Hearn, City Councilman and Warren County Pride representative, said he is, “proud to partner with Struthers Library Theatre in working toward an inclusive and diverse community.”


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