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Thursday from 10 to 11 a.m. the Youngsville Public Library will be presenting an outdoor “Bats” program with Chapman State Park, location Pavilion 3, 4790 Chapman Dam Road, Clarendon. The free program will feature a nature story, hands-on exploration, crafts, and interesting information about the often-misunderstood bat. All materials will be provided, no registration required. This program is designed for homeschooler, virtual learners, and pre-school ages but all are welcome to attend.


Youngsville Public Library’s fourth annual Fall Bulb, Spring Bloom fundraiser is happening through Sept. 30.

There are 18 floral options to choose from and 17 of the 18 choices cost $10 each. The library will receive 50% of the proceeds from a bulb purchase as a donation. Every premium bulb is guaranteed to grow or the buyer will get a free replacement from the company. The Youngsville Library website (YoungsvilleLibrary.org) has a detailed list of the 18 bulb options available, with color photos.

There are four ways to order: at the library during business hours, through a board member, Friend of the Library or staff member, mail in an order form and payment to the library or download a form on the library’s website and mail it in; or order online, with a credit card, using Youngsville Library’s special-order link found on the library’s website. There is no delivery fee for the first three ordering options because the bulbs will be able to be picked up at the library starting on Columbus Day.

A Youngsville Public Library staff member will contact the purchaser by phone if people choose the mail-in order form option or want to place an order in the library’s secure drop-box upon receipt of an order. Purchasing online requires a postage fee as bulbs will be delivered directly to one’s home. For more information and order forms go to YoungsvilleLibrary.org or call the library at 814-563-7670 from noon to 6 p.m. Monday and Wednesday or noon to 4 p.m. Friday.


At 1 p.m. today, there will be an unveiling of the Mead Island Tradition PA State Historical Marker at 20050 Route 6, just west of Warren County Memorial Park in Starbrick, in honor of the island’s history on the Allegheny River. Following the ceremony, a reception for Dr. Stanley Lantz, Carnegie Museum of National History in Pittsburgh staff archaeologist who first identified the Mead Island Tradition, will be held at the Wilder Museum of Warren County History at 51 Erie Avenue, Irvine. The event is free, open to the public, and features an antique gun display at the Wilder Museum. Call 814-723-1795 for more information. The event is being hosted by the Society for PA Archaeology, PA Historical & Museum Commission, and the Warren County Historical Society.



A free program will be held from 3 to 4:30 p.m. today at Chapman State Park. “Tales of the Eastern Woodlands” will be held in Pavilion 2, at the park, 4790 Chapman Dam Road, Clarendon. No registration is required. Appropriate for all ages, bring the family and sit by the fire as the group shares local legends and lore, historical anecdotes, and Native American singing, dancing, and flute. This program will feature traditional Iroquoian and Algonquian tales from the eastern woodlands, presented by storytellers Grandpa Dave Wargo, Alex Watkins, Bill DeVlieger and Native American flute performer Garry Campbell. Among the tales told are the monstrous Great Horned Serpent of the Allegany River, the elusive Sasquatch, the Little People, and a haunting selection of ghosts and spirits. Hear tales of the famous Chief Cornplanter and the first settlers, the thrilling -and at times comical- exploits of the timber and oil barons who transformed the local economy, and accounts of the Kinzua valley before, during, and after the building of the dam.


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