Woman’s Club focuses on gardening

Daffodil decor enhanced the spring fever of Woman’s Club members and guests anxious to start gardening when Netta Lindell, owner of Ekey’s Florist and Greenhouse, presented her program Monday, April 5 on the basics of gardening and landscaping at your home.

Kathleen Long introduced Antoinetta “Netta” Lindell, a lifelong Warren County resident, who took ownership from the Ekey Family in 2019, and also manages Lindell’s Hatch Patch. Netta expanded the gift shop, houseplant offerings, and added a winery, floral design classes, tuxedo rentals, a clothing boutique, and most recently a food license so they can carry items such as beef and pork products from Lindell’s Hatch Patch.

She began her program with initial steps in gardening and landscaping. First making a plan for your outdoor area is a must. As the saying goes: “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” Walk around your landscape area noting those areas which get direct sun, shade and partial sun so the appropriate plants can be purchased. Prune scrubs/trees which bloom in fall in spring, and those which bloom in spring, prune in the autumn. Decide how much effort you wish to put into maintaining your landscape and how much time you are willing to devote to it.

Clean up dead leaves. A soil test by the Penn State Agricultural Extension will determine basic nutrients present and which nutrients may be needed.

Mid-May in Warren County is generally the time when the threat of frost is gone and planting may begin. Reading the plant care tags on plants and vegetable purchases will be most helpful for proper placement, watering and fertilizing. Watering will be less frequent in plastic containers and more in clay or moss pots. Wind dries out hanging baskets much more than most gardeners realize. Too little water develops shallow roots and improper watering may turn leaves yellow. The finger test done two inches into soil will help gauge need for water.

Anti-mosquito plants are basil, bee balm, catnip, citronella and garlic.

Deer do not like plants with bitter taste like lilac, daffodils, vinca vine, and marigolds. White yarrow and meadow sage attract dragonflies which pollinate and eat other destructive bugs.

Calling Ekey’s with questions and concerns is always possible when hitting a gardening snag.

Vice President, Pat Carlson, thanked Ms. Lindell for her presentation and the hostesses Judy Champlin and Salsa Sokolski. A delightful luncheon was served by Total Evolution.

The next WCW program and luncheon is Monday, April 19 with Diane Meyer, Guide Dog

Handler “Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend” with hostesses Barbara Dahl and Pat Carlson. Reservations are due Fridayby noon.

WCW 2021 Membership drive – Team Up – is in progress now. The annual Fashion Show “Romance in France” with GG My Love providing clothing and accessories is Thursday, May 6.

WCW Annual Member Dinner is Tuesday, May 18 and Usable Discards Sale will be Friday and Saturday, June 4 and 5 in the ballroom at 310 Market St.

Ballroom luncheons and events are following CDC and PA COVID-19 guidelines with social distancing and masks required.

The WCW has been self-certified so they may now accommodate 50% of maximum capacity.

Event reservations are being taken by calling the Woman’s Club at 814-723-5910.


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