Quilters Night Out Guild boosting area

During the pandemic one community group has thrived. The group is the Quilters’ Night Out Guild. In 1990, a group of about 10 women joined together to share their common interest in quilting. It has grown to over sixty members who have been unable to meet due to the pandemic, but their outreach to the community is flourishing.

One of the purposes of Quilters’ Night Out is to engage in community service. This is done each year through a variety of projects. This year the members have surpassed previous years. At the beginning of the pandemic, members immediately started sewing masks. Thousands of masks have been made for their families, friends, neighbors, church and community members. These masks have been donated in Warren County and throughout the country over this past year.

Each year quilt kits are created by Spirit Piecers, a sub committee of members, and distributed to the general membership to be pieced and finished. This year 82 quilts have been donated to Kids in Need, local fire victims, A Safe Place, the dialysis center, and to the Warren Cancer Center.

Several other projects have been on going; a donation of 200 surgery caps for kids went to the Pine Grove Surgery Center. Pocket Prayer Quilts are made by several members.

These have been distributed throughout the country to those who need to be remembered with a simple prayer.

This simple quilt can be slipped into a pocket to remind the individual they are loved. Recently, 250 book bags were made for Free Books for Kids Town. These handmade bags will help with the distribution of the free books.

The guild would like to shine a spotlight on Jan Graziano. She has made 1,300 masks, 3,500 Pocket Prayer Quilts, and 50 book bags.

She is a real inspiration to the quilt guild and her community.


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