Hill, Dale Club holds meeting

The Hill & Dale Garden Club met recently at the Wiltsie Church.

Peg Stino, president, welcomed everyone and thanked the committee for lunch and decorations. A new member was welcomed. Stino She then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and devotions were read. Members also discussed Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the longest-serving woman on the Supreme Court and her stance on women’s rights and also her wit and humor. There were 14 members attending as well as the guest speaker.

The guest speaker was Jean Gomory, a watershed specialist. She told members about rain gardens, their purpose and how to create one. Gomory showed slides on some of the gardens.

Stino passed a clipboard so members could make suggestions for programs for the next year and to mark what committees they would like to serve on.

After the meeting, as garden therapy at the Rouse Home can’t be held because of the pandemic, the group will bag up flowers, cup, etc, for each resident to make their own arrangements. A few arrangements will be made for those that can not make their own. Everything will be delivered to the Rouse.

After a discussion as at least six members express concerns on attending meetings, it was voted by 12 in favor to hold the October and December meeting. Members will be notified where the next meeting will be held and the program.

The Sugar Grove Park garden and mile marker are in need of maintenance. The group set a date to do the work.

The Warren’s Woman’s Club will be holding a “Useable Discards” sale on Oct 16-17 and the Wiltsie church ladies are also having their annual craft and bake sale on Oct. 16-17.

The October meeting was canceled.


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