City discusses focus of 2020 CDBG funds

A plan is in place for the use of the city’s federal fiscal year 2020 Community Development Block Grant funding.

The lion’s share of the of the funding will be put toward a street reconstruction on S. Irvine St. on the city’s east side.

City Planner David Hildebrand said during a public hearing on Monday that the total allocation to the city will be $306,049.

Roughly 246,000 of that will be spent on the street with about $40,000 to be allocated to a downtown Screetscape loan. The rest, roughly $20,000, will be kept by the city to cover the cost of the administration of the program.

Council was required to pass a couple of resolutions that go with the application, one of which addressed a commitment to fair housing practices in the city.

Councilman John Wortman moved to amend the resolution to have “sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes of persons.”

The amendment and resolution passed unanimously.


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