Widows are most welcome at Schorman Center

The simple definition of a widow(er) is a person who has lost their spouse to death.

However, the reality of widowhood is anything but simple, especially in the early stages. Widows come in all sizes, shapes, colors, religions, and general lifestyles, with one huge thing in common.


Grief is different for everyone and each person’s grief changes and evolves through waves of calm soft waters to what may seem like a tsunami, often in a matter of hours. One minute you’re doing something rather routine and boring, then all of a sudden, it hits you like a ton of bricks. And there you go again. Do you feel like you are barely just existing, let alone actually making any progress whatsoever towards feeling almost like yourself again? Confused, angry, lonely, anxious, worried and just plain overwhelmed? You may have friends and family that are supportive and helpful, and that is wonderful.

But, unless you are spending a bit of time with another recently widowed person, chances are you might feel like they just don’t understand. So, if you or someone you know can relate to these issues, it might be a benefit to join a group of others with some of the same fears and questions.

That’s where our Schorman Center widow’s group can hopefully be of some good, practical, “I’m there too” kind of help. The group is a small casual group of women, (men are welcome, too) who get together monthly to talk about all those things related to grief in general, but specifically related to widowhood. Together, the group discusses the feelings of isolation and loneliness, the fears and worries, the friendships made, as well as those small victories that others might just not understand.

If this sounds like it may be helpful, call the Schorman Center at Hospice of Warren County, 723-8060.


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