Deerfield Behavioral Health moves to new location

Deerfield Behavioral Health has moved.

The Third Avenue location closed in late August and the organization has moved into the second floor of 1003 Pennsylvania Ave. W.

“Our move should enhance the services we provide,” Executive Director Tina Cary said. “Our new location on Pennsylvania Avenue takes into account parking, public transportation access, and opportunity for growth. We look forward to continuing to serve all our clients’ needs and work with them for many years to come.”

“The current building was no longer able to accommodate the full scope of services and required expensive maintenance and upkeep,” according to the release about the move.

Deerfield services for children and adults include:

¯ “Outpatient mental health therapy for individuals, couples and families;

¯ Outpatient drug and alcohol abuse treatments;

¯ Psychiatric medication management and therapy; and

¯ Psychiatric contracting services with psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, specialized residences, health centers and skilled nursing facilities.”

Deerfield’s Warren phone number — (814) 723-5545 — will remain the same. More information is available by visiting www.deerfieldbehavioralhealth.org.


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