Warren Gives recognition following annual event

When an event raises $600,000 in one day for local non-profits, there are many people involved.

And not just the individuals who generously gave their dollars to make sure the entities can continue their work helping the community.

Part of the annual Warren Gives event is making sure credit is given where due.

The Community Foundation of Warren County does not pull off the event on its own.

In addition to nearly 2,000 donors who contributed to help Warren County non-profits, there are several organizations that annually provide matching funds as incentives to donate.

This year, because of the surprising high level of donations — about a 30% increase over last year, which had been the largest year in the first seven years of the event — there were also several individuals who added their dollars to the matching fund pool.

Those donations were made at the last minute to help make the match make sense compared to the total and organizers want to clarify some of those donations.

The groups and individuals could pick and choose where their donations go. Instead they encouraged public participation knowing that their dollars will be spread around among the 101 entities that are the recipients of Warren Gives donations this year.

There are also people who work during and leading up to the event, whose day-to-day jobs have nothing to do with Warren Gives nor the Community Foundation.

Normally, the thank yous and attaboys for the event are announced at a check presentation event. This year, COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of that event.

Instead, Community Foundation Executive Director John Lasher expressed his thanks to the people who made the event work, the organizations and individuals who provided more than $50,000 off the top as matching funds, and those who were in both groups.

“Mark King is the event coordinator,” Lasher said. “His daughter Emma spent the days Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday working for us remotely from Chicago.”

They also chose to value the event with more than their time.

“Christine and Mark King and Emma King and Evan Thomas were the additional family donors to the matching funds pool,” Lasher said.

They joined Ron and Barb Tubbs, Gloria and John Lasher, and the Hanna Family Charitable Fund, who were previously recognized, in making individual donations.

The Betts Foundation, DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, Northwest Charitable Foundation, Sara Sokolski Memorial Fund, Superior Tire and Rubber Corp., United Refining Co., Murray McComas, and the Community Foundation (three times) were the $5,000 contributors to the matching fund.


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