City awards bids for sensory playground construction

Warren City Council has approved bids for the sensory playground project at Lacy Park.

The action to award two contracts was undertaken during a special council meeting held virtually on Thursday.

City Engineer Chad Yurisic said a bid opening was held on Wednesday. There were two contracts — one for general construction and another for electrical.

He explained that the construction contract includes restroom improvements, creation of a parking lot, excavation as well as site work in addition to a concrete sidewalk and foundation for a wheelchair play piece.

The low bid for that contract was $273,427 from Lakeshore Paving, while the low bid for the electrical contract was $32,500 from A&MP Electric.

Yurisic told council that the city has received $265,000 in grant funds from the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as well as $137,000 in local funding secured to date — with more expected — leaving the city’s obligation at $128,000 within the limit of the $165,000 council included for the project in the 2020 budget. He said the city has applied for a couple of other grants that could reduce that total further if successful.

Department of Public Director Mike Holtz said that the total project cost is currently $495,245.50, under the $530,000 budgeted for the project.

Yurisic told council that the playground equipment and a pavilion would be acquired through the state’s purchasing program.

Freenock assured council, which approved the two contracts, that the project would not exceed $530,000.


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