Hey, kids, how about a free online art class?

Photos submitted to Times Observer Danielle Martin’s daughter, Annabelle (age four), with her blue whale drawing from one of the live-streamed art classes.

Local artists are encouraging creativity during current downtimes.

The father-daughter duo of Dan Nuhfer and Danielle Martin from D & D from Outland Studios on Facebook have been teaching painting classes in Warren and Chautauqua counties since 2019, but they are now hosting free, live drawing classes via Facebook geared towards kids.

When non-essential businesses were mandated to close, they decided to refocus — to help out parents who suddenly had some homeschoolers on their hands.

Since then, Nuhfer and Martin have been streaming a few classes a week for both children and adults.

“All artist levels are welcome to attend any of our classes,” said Martin.

Photos submitted to Times Observer Danielle and Dan — the father-daughter duo from Outland Studios.

She also said that they have had anywhere from five to 30 viewers in a class, mostly from the Warren area.

“We typically paint on canvas with acrylic paints, but since we cannot provide the canvas and paint to all of our viewers, we encourage them to use whatever medium they have, “ Martin said. “We’ve had people paint on anything from sheets of paper to table tops.”

She also brought up a valid point that parents are struggling to find ways to celebrate their children’s birthdays. It inspired the father-daughter duo to hold special classes devoted specifically to these kids.

With her own daughter’s birthday this month, Martin can relate.

Nuhfer and Martin began to let their viewers know that they would be available for virtual birthday parties for their child. The birthday boy or girl will select a subject for the art class and the class would be dedicated to them, to help make their day special.

Photos submitted to Times Observer Danielle Martin’s daughter, Adalyn (age three) wearing a stormtrooper helmet for a Star Wars-themed “birthday” class.

Anyone is welcome to join these birthday art classes as they will also be streamed on Facebook live.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Martin, and she looks forward to hosting more.

According to Martin, she and her father started teaching to build relationships while sharing their love of art, which is why they started hosting classes.

“It’s been nice to still have a way to connect with people through art.”

Their next class is at noon on Monday.

Photos submitted to Times Observer Monday’s class at noon has a patriotic feel.


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