Russell’s Praise! Fellowship offers drive-in church

As churches around Warren County and the nation shut down their services and look for other ways to deliver them, Praise! Fellowship in Russell has a short-term solution.

“Our church is going to have a drive-in service where nobody gets out of their car,” Pastor Rick Rohlin said Thursday.

That service will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday. It will last 40 minutes and members of the mobile congregation are expected to come and go, without access to bathrooms.

For now, the plan is to have the congregation park — with assistance from church personnel — close enough to hear the pumped up sound system through windows that are down somewhat. The timing of the service is intended to provide for a warmer temperature for those with windows down than a morning service would offer.

Rohlin, other speakers, and performers, will keep their distance from one another on the outdoor stage.

Rohlin wants people to know that the church is not flaunting any social distancing rules. “We’re doing this in conjunction with the county,” he said.

If the disruption to regular activities, including church services, goes on much longer, Rohlin said the church will look into an FM broadcast system for use at the drive-in services — similar to the systems used at drive-in theaters.

The church is located at 7451 Market Street in Russell.


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