4-H presents: Kiwanis Club joins for 32nd public speaking program

Photos submitted to Times Observer Bryceton Maille detailed the care and requirements that prepare a hunter for pursuing pheasants.

The Warren County 4-H program and the Kiwanis Club of Warren celebrated the 32nd year of helping 4-H members develop their public speaking skills on March 7. The annual Kiwanis 4-H Presentation program, held at a Penn State Extension Office, aims to build confidence in young speakers as they learn to construct their presentations to inform, persuade, and entertain. Warren County 4-H members have three options for their presentations: public speech, illustrated talk, and demonstration.

Members between the ages 8 and 12 are junior presenters, and youth ages 13 and 18 are senior. Members earn blue, red, or white rosette ribbons along with a monetary award provided by the Kiwanis Club of Warren for their presentation. This is the first year the Youngsville office of Penn State Extension hosted the program.

The first 4-H member to give a speech in the senior division was Chloe Labowski of Sugar Grove. She earned a blue ribbon for her public speech entitled “African Swine Fever.” Chloe detailed the deadly virus found in Asia that has made an impact on the swine industry.

Marissa Gourley of Sugar Grove presented an illustrated talk on the Pennsylvania State 4-H Horse Show. Marissa’s red ribbon presentation detailed the hours of work that goes into showing a horse in the 4-H program.

Bryceton Maille of Pittsfield demonstrated the equipment used for Pheasant Hunting. The blue ribbon presentation detailed the equipment, care, and safety needed to pheasant hunt.

Photos submitted to Times Observer Striking it Rich with Coin Collecting was presented by Graham Haight at the 32nd Annual Kiwanis 4-H Presentation Program held March 7th.

Samantha Hulings of Kane presented Human Impacts on the Environment. Samantha’s program earned her a blue ribbon.

Graham Haight of Pittsfield presented “Strike It Rich with Coin Collecting.” The blue ribbon presentation offered insight on coin markings and rare finds.

Melissa Bennett of Youngsville discussed Mysteries of the Mind, which earned her a blue ribbon.

Isaac Smith of Youngsville presented “Swine Carcass Quality & Judging.” His blue ribbon presentation explained the measurements scored on a carcass for meat quality.

The final senior speech presented by Katelyn Bennett of Youngsville, entitled “A Different Way of Life,” earned her a blue ribbon.

Photos submitted to Times Observer Marissa Gourley detailed the journey it takes to qualify for the Pennsylvania State 4-H Horse Show.

Hialeah Stanton of Russell demonstrated how to make a chocolate peanut butter cake from scratch. The recipe and presentation earned her a blue ribbon.

Peyton Arthurs of Warren earned a red ribbon with her demonstration on “How to Make a Tie Blanket.”

Helping teach the audience about math, Huntley LaVigne of Sugar Grove demonstrated “How to Do a Math Problem,” which earned him a blue ribbon.

Arlene Boisvert of Youngsville illustrated “What Makes a Horse a Pinto” for her blue-ribbon presentation.

Sophie Bennett of Youngsville earned a blue ribbon for her illustrated talk “Taking a Bite Out of Cavities.” Sophie explained the importance of regular dental cleanings.

Earning a red ribbon with her illustrated talk “Making Foil Figures,” Esther Boisvert showed how to make the unique figures.

Jonah Bennett of Youngsville presented “Setting My Sights,” which earned him a blue ribbon.

The last junior presenter was Katharine Smith of Youngsville who presented “Feeds for Swine,” which detailed the nutrient needed to support growth. Katharine earned a blue ribbon.

The Kiwanis Club of Warren judged the presentations. This year’s judges included John Beard, John DuShaw, Michael Delprince, Miranda Collingwood, and Al Webster.

Warren County 4-H volunteers Sherry Moore, Heather Wilcox, and Phyllis Wright supported the two-room presentation program.

Meggi Brown was the junior room moderator.

The program qualifies senior division blue ribbon 4-H members to participate in the state 4-H presentation program set this summer. Additional information on the state program is available by contacting Jennifer Grooms at (814) 563-9388.

To find your local program, visit the Penn State Extension website at https://extension.psu.edu/programs/4-h.


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