Soccer players volunteer hands for Hospice

Photo submitted to Times Observer Caleb Lindell (left) and Mark Lynds take a break from raking for a photo opp. The Warren High School Boys Soccer Team gave back to the community recently with a fall clean-up at the John and Orpha Blair Hospice Residence in Glade Township. Participating were 21 members of the team, three coaches, and eight parents.

Soccer players found some time to work with their hands recently.

The Warren Area High School boys soccer team volunteered at the John and Orpha Blair Hospice Residence doing yardwork and making sure the grounds were looking right.

“The Hospice House Residence held its annual work bee recently for fall/winter prep,” Volunteer Coordinator Barbi Zingone said. “The work bees are held twice a year — one spring, one fall.”

“The Hospice House property is a large property and takes much to manage,” Executive Director Lisa To said. “The help offered in yard workbees is amazingly helpful to our organization.”

“We hire certain things but the major yard workbees each spring and fall get accomplished by volunteer help rolling in and manhandling all that needs done,” she said.

The volunteer efforts in spring and fall not only save the organization money, they help ensure that the grounds will look good for those who spend time there.

“We have patients and families with us generally a short time — and so we have this window of opportunity to give them the best we can,” To said. “The care to the outside reflects the care that takes place on the inside, so it’s a huge deal to have the yard looking nice and kept up.”

Some of those who help come every year. Others are new.

“They have many volunteers that help each year without fail, but each year new faces appear,” Zingone said. “This isn’t just for adults, this fall, the Warren Boys Soccer Team, along with coaches and parents pulled together for a morning of leaf-raking, -blowing and -disposing.”

“The day prior, another group banded together and worked on many other house duties,” she said. “Hospice of Warren County could not be luckier to have these incredible people helping, some, year after year, and season after season. Where there is TLC on the inside, there is TLC on the outside.”

With 32 people participating in the effort, the lawn care project did not take long.

“Many hands make light work,” To said. “Many hands did much within one hour.”

She extended her thanks to the team and listed those who participated: Zane Anderson, Ethan Best, J.T. Blum, Holden Creal, Ian Darling, Jack Darling, Sean Duckett, Alex Ferry, Ryon Flatt, Tyler Gustafson, Wesley Kiehl, Joe Letko, Caleb Lindell, Mark Lynds, Kohle Lyon, Damon Navaroli, Alex Nebinski, Will Nebinski, Parks Ordiway, Corban Rienard, Roman Sheets, coaches Denny Flatt, Chris Darling, and Mike Kiehl, and eight parents.


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