Ruff Riders introduce new officers

Photos submitted to Times Observer Arlene Boisvert, shown here on her Arabian Ivan, talked about Pintos, Paints, and Spotted Horses.
Photos submitted to Times Observer Esther Boisvert, shown here with her Miniature Horse Frost, showed pictures during her sister Arlene’s talk.

The first meeting of the Sugar Grove Ruff Riders official 4H year was held on October 1.

Members of the 4H group played a mixer game to start off their meeting. The purpose of this game was to get to know new members and break the ice.

Also, nominations for new officers were conducted. The following officers were elected: President Katie Downs, Vice President Alexis Christensen, Secretary and News Reporter Alexia Bowers, Treasurer and Social Chair Ava Nyweide, Social Chair Ryleigh Bowers.

Members also had meeting presentations by Marissa Gourley, Thayne Gourley, Katie Downs, Arlene Boisvert, and Esther Boisvert. Marissa Gourley presented on her experience at the district horse show. Thayne Gourley presented on equine nutrition. Katie Downs presented on Horsemanship Skills Level 1 & 2. Arlene Boisvert presented on Pintos, Paints, and Spotted Horses. Esther Boisvert presented with her sister, helping her share pictures.

The next meeting will be in November.