Woman’s Club hosts special guest

Photo submitted to Times Observer Charles Conaway.

Charles “Chuck” Conaway regaled Warren Woman’s Club members with personal stories from his past on Monday, Oct. 7.

Conaway grew up in Warren and noted that his mother’s name appears on the plaque of Woman’s Club presidents and his father was mayor of Warren. Chuck was a graduate of Penn State and a petroleum engineer in such places as Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. He enjoys birding, gardening, and pottery in his spare time.

Over his 70 years of active, adult life, he has been in the habit of writing an extensive number of short essays of his experiences. He shared several, one of which was about Rusty the squirrel who resided within their home and how he came to meet Chuck’s dad’s new boss unexpectedly. Another was during his time in west Texas when he traveled narrow roads to visit oil fields and met another oilman whose tobacco chewing necessitated being ready to dodge and strategically roll up the window to avoid tobacco fallout. Adventures in Omaha, Nebraska with his Weimaraner, Moby Dick, and his visit to a German farmer whose son grew very attached ended with a poignant gift of the dog to the boy. Chuck marveled at the personality change of Moby as he became the monarch in charge.

By request of his daughter, Chuck shared a written memory of his family camping outside of Houston and the nighttime interruption of the silence with incredibly loud rustling in the woods which eventually showed itself to be an armadillo much to the relief of his eight-year-old daughter, Kathy, and wife.

He concluded his prose with the vision of an unforgettable solitary old woman on a beach near the South China Sea in 1990. She worked cross poles and a net in practiced motions as a red shaft of light reflected off of her red sarong. She flashed a smile that has stayed with him through the years signifying to him the basic rhythms of life.

President Ruth Barnes Shaw followed the talk and luncheon with thanks to Mr. Conaway for sharing his delightful writings and to hostesses Connie Lucia and Crissi Winans who decorated the table with a collection of ceramic and other kinds of artful pumpkins and fall silk leaves. New member Lucille Jordan was welcomed.

The next program on Monday, Oct. 21, will feature local artist and author Ellen Putnam Paquette telling how to build a book. Reservations for this luncheon are due by noon Friday, Oct. 18.

Liz Horsley has taken the position of temporary corresponding secretary upon the passing of our dear board member Marti Casteel. Susie Pirillo agreed to take on this position for the year. Judith Scalise won the drawing for some items promoting the Woman’s Club Green Initiative conducted by JD Shaw.

Karen Davis provided details about What’s New for the Holidays artisan event on Saturday, Nov. 16, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the club ballroom. Volunteer sheets were passed around to have members offer help.

The Fiber Arts group will gather at the Tybout House at 1 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14. RSVP to Carolyn Worley. Spookarama, a Halloween event open to the public and handled by the Chief Cornplanter Boy Scouts will take place on Saturday, Oct. 26, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the ballroom.

Horsley will be assisted by Deb Jannotti as co-chairs of the Usable Discards Sale in September 2020

Connie Michell reminded attendees of the January Bridge marathon on four Fridays — the 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st. This is open to the public as well as to members.

Call Anne Higgins, Club Manager, at 723-5910.

New members are welcome and the Woman’s Club website at www.warrenwomansclub.org will provide more information on the club.


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