Hill & Dale meets, visits Enos museum

The Hill & Dale Garden Club meeting on August 26 was held at New Beginnings. This was a change from the program book schedule as the club wasn’t able to do the Kane Sunflower Tour as the sunflowers did not do well because of the weather.

Ruth welcomed everyone and led us in the Pledge to the Flag and Peg gave the devotions as Yvonne can not join us yet. Lila reported Yvonne is doing ok and hopes to join soon.

24 members and one guest, LeeAnn’s mother, Marge, were present.

The minutes were read and approved.

The fair exhibit placed third this year, with Warren placing second and first place going to the Scandia Garden Club.

The Warren Garden Club Picnic is Sept. 19 at noon at the Audubon. It will be catered by Lynda Slocum and Katie Finch will be talking on identifying edible and other plants. The cost for each is $13 and Peg needs the money soon.

It was reported the Audubon Scholarship was rewarded to two brothers of the Wahl family in Lakewood. No one is our local area applied.

Ruth reported on the Miles Marker sign; the owner of the property has agreed to let us place a sign directing people to the Miles Marker.

September 9 is Garden Therapy at the Rouse at 2 p.m.; then members will go to the Suites. Bring artificial small fall flowers and Peg will bring the cups.

The September 25 meeting program will be “Cooking by Phyllis Wright” and will also be the club’s plant sale.

The October meeting will be on 1-Stroke painting by Sandee Geer. Members will be painting gift bags or you may bring something else if you wish.

The December meeting and Christmas party will be at Ribs and Bones.

If anyone has any ideas for next year’s programs, bring them up or let one of the officers know.

The meeting was closed and members went to the museum owned by Diane and Louis Enos in Sugar Grove. They have the Herschell Carousel owned by Dan Cornish, of Bear Lake, who was a clown with Barnum & Bailey Circus and also a Merry Go Round built by Wes Augenstein. Lila had a cake for all members who had celebrated birthdays this summer.