No lions or tigers or bears, but… oh, my

Times Observer by Lorri Drumm Geese, ducks, roosters and rabbits co-exist somewhat peacefully in the Hoppy Hotel/Chicken Coop this week at the Warren County Fair.

The week that families, vendors, and animals take up residence at the fairgrounds in Pittsfield is here.

It’s a time where even ducks, geese, chickens, roosters and rabbits can coexist in one building.

Aptly, the sign on one side of the building reads “Hoppy Hotel,” while the other side of the barn is named “Chicken Coop.”

Other buildings were labeled just as appropriately. There’s an Udder Barn, the Moo-Tel and, of course, the Hog Hilton.

As two people strolled through the temporary home of various animals, one man noticed a “huge goose.” His friend noted, “that one’s huger.”

The goose reacted by opening its beak slightly and letting out a low-hissing sound.

The Warren County Fair runs daily through Saturday.