Youngsville Library needs new sewer lines, money to fix them

Imagine the house next door to you being put up for sale, nothing unusual there. But now imagine that an inspector knocks on your door to tell you that the sewer and water lines to your home actually run through the basement of the house that is being sold and must be capped. You are now faced with a very expensive, unexpected, and major construction project — paying to have your current sewer and water lines capped and then digging/installing new water and sewer lines from a completely different locale.

That is exactly what has happened to the Youngsville Public Library recently.

“The board and I were floored when we learned about the situation with the sewer and water lines,” said Library Director Kristy Wallace. “There are no records or blueprints reflecting that the sewer and water lines for our building, which was completed in 2002, were merely extended off of the pre-existing lines in the basement of the building on West Main Street. At this point, it really doesn’t matter why the lines were constructed that way, but what does matter is that our library is now solely responsible for remedying this crazy situation.”

Since the Youngsville Public Library is so closely sandwiched among surrounding homes, the library is experiencing many unexpected complications that keep adding to the final costs of this must-do project. The most recent cost projection is well over $10,000.

“We are currently faced with a very daunting and extremely unanticipated construction project that our library just doesn’t have any extra funding to pay for,” Wallace said. “Time really is of the essence here; now that we have been made aware of the sewer and water line routing problem we have to act fast – not only are there liability issues to worry about if our current sewer/water lines back up in the meantime into the new owners basement or if our old sewer/water lines break but we also have to coordinate bids and construction schedule availabilities, survey the property and obtain easement permissions, and contend with many ‘learn as you go’ issues all within a very narrow window of time. We have been frantically trying to get all our ducks in a row while trying to find a way to pay for all of this. Our goal is to have this project put to bed by the end of July.

“Although we have many fundraisers throughout the year that money is used to cover our annual operating expenses and is never intended for something of this magnitude,” said Wallace. “This is why the WarrenGives day of online giving on May 22nd is so important to us this year. It is our hope that the community will want to rally together and help us raise over $10,000 through WarrenGives to help us cover the costs of this major project. “

If you choose to donate to the Youngsville Public Library on May 22, at WarrenGives.org, the library will receive roughly and an additional 10% over and above your original donation. This is due to “percent match funds” made possible by the Community Foundation of Warren County and other organizations. The library will also be open special extended hours on May 22 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and have Friends of the Library here to offer computer assistance with the WarrenGives website. There will also be coffee, tea, and sweet treats available all day. If you would prefer to donate directly to the Youngsville Library, you can so during business hours or by mail. Mail donations to Youngsville Public Library, 100 Broad Street, Youngsville, PA 16371.