Delta Kappa Gamma welcomes state prez

Photo submitted to Times Observer From left are Rebecca Hilzinger, Barbara L. Gasperin, and Mary Belleau.

Delta Kappa Gamma Society members from Warren County and McKean County Chapters welcomed the Pennsylvania Delta Kappa Gamma State President, Barbara L. Gasperin at a Saturday morning brunch held at the First Baptist Church in Kane. Delta Kappa Gamma promotes the professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

President Barbara Gasperin was introduced by Rebecca Hilzinger, McKean County President and Mary Belleau, Warren County President. Barbara Gasperin spoke of the different aspects of communications. As a leader, it is important to remember different people communicate in very different ways. Some people need quiet time to collect and organize their thoughts before sharing them with a group while other committee members are able to quickly and easily share their thoughts and ideas.

Social media is an efficient way to communicate with members and should not be overlooked. A good leader makes sure that all members are kept informed by all ways of communication.

President Mary Belleau of Warren County Delta Kappa Gamma was thanked for the lovely table decorations and Julie Jubon was thanked for the scholarship fund gift bag raffle.


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