Indivisible Warren PA next meets Thursday

Indivisible Warren PA was formed to resist the Trump agenda on a state and local level. As of now, women’s reproductive rights remain constitutionally protected. But opposing the right to choose is definitely on the Trump agenda, according to Indivisible Warren.

The topic of a recent meeting was an organization Indivisible Warren feels is targeted by the Trump government — Planned Parenthood. The guest speaker, Paige Bosnyak, Erie Field Organizer for Planned Parenthood PA Advocates, gave a very comprehensive presentation on the wide range of medical services Planned Parenthood provides to the people and communities it serves.

At a well-attended meeting with plenty of discussion, many members learned things they never knew about Planned Parenthood’s services. These include fully-staffed medical facilities, caring for men as well as women, pre- and post-natal care for expectant Moms, and even adoption services for those who choose this option. They also provide clinical services that include breast exams, cancer screening, HIV testing, birth control, STD testing and pregnancy testing. All services are available on a sliding-scale basis to both women and men who cannot afford private medical care. They also accept all insurance plans.

The current administration is implementing rule changes that will reduce access to family planning services. Approximately four million low-income Americans receive subsidized services through the Title X (10) family planning program. Planned Parenthood groups are bringing awareness to the rule changes saying they violate the terms of the Title X statute that was adopted with bi-partisan support by Congress in 1970.

Some still identify Planned Parenthood with only one thing: abortion. In reality, this accounts for only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s activities, and none of that is government-funded. In 1997 the Hyde Amendment was passed and it guarantees that no tax dollars pay for abortions. The Hyde Amendment is a legislative provision barring the use of federal funds to pay for abortion except to save the life of the woman, or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape. For more information about Planned Parenthood and the services they provide see: www.plannedparenthood.org.

Indivisible is a progressive movement in United States politics, initiated as a reaction to the 2016 election. The goal of Indivisible is to “save American democracy” and “resume the project of creating a more humane America instead of a corporate plutocracy.”

Indivisible Warren PA meets at the Emanuel United Church of Christ, 1710 Pennsylvania Ave E, Warren. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 31, at 6:30 p.m. To be added to our email list, contact Karen Black at kblack@atlanticbb.net, or visit Indivisible Warren PA on Facebook.