4-H Sugar Grove Ruff Riders meet in February

The Sugar Grove Ruff Riders met at Sugar Grove Mission Covenant Church on February 6 for their club meeting.

The 4-H Pledge was led by Marissa Gourley. Katie Downs took attendance and read the previous meeting minutes. All members were informed about the upcoming horsemanship clinic on March 29 being offered by Lew Trumbell at Serenity Equestrian Center.

Downs explained whathorsemanship skills are since she had just completed levels 1 and 2 of horsemanship skills. She encouraged all members to attend the clinic. “It is very rewarding to complete the skills and test and it teaches you great ground work skills and riding techniques,” she said. “It helps you with public speaking, because you have to explain why you are doing each skill and its purpose.”

All members were informed about Lew’s upcoming riding clinics being offered at the Warren County Fairgrounds this summer. Members were encouraged to attend for the benefit of getting educational and professional lessons to grow with their horses. All members were informed about the Camp Giddy-up and Go dates and encouraged to attend. They were also told that if they have any suggestions for clinics during the camp to please share them with leader Kelly Boisvert. Members were then told about Kiwanis speeches and the deadline and date for presenting a speech.

Leaders Kelly and Virginia went over educational information by using magazines with horses and had members identify markings on horses and explained why it is important to be able to explain markings, colors and breeds of horses. They also talked about diseases horses can get and proper care of their animals. Why it is important to know how your horse acts and eats and when to contact the veterinarian.

Quality Assurance Management paperwork was completed by Michael Bryant.

A snack was shared by Lexi Banko and Hailey Graham for all members.

The next meeting will be March 6 at Serenity Equestrian Center. It will be a riding clinic and all members can bring their horses.

All club minutes were written and submitted by Downs (news reporter/secretary).