Ghosts and ghouls…

... And Sheldon’s Terror Lab

Times Observer photo by Cody Elms Part of Ken Sheldon’s labratory display ready for experimental minds.

It’s that time of the year again.

And for Sheffield’s Ken Sheldon, it means another year’s worth of building and buying everything from a mad scientist’s laboratory to a spine-chilling nursery.

All so he can, for the last five days in October, scare, scare, and scare some more.

His interest in the creepy, ghoulish, and frightening aspects of Halloween may have started in grade-school, but for Sheldon, he decided to step it up a notch for his 15th year of “Sheldon’s Terror Lab.”

“There’s more of the lab stuff, which takes time to build,” said the recently retired Sheldon. “This year we changed almost everything in here.

The whole layout is different. The nursery is just something completely new. Without putting in the 40 hour or more work week, plus I don’t have the stress of work, which allows me to work on more details.”

Sheldon’s Terror Lab brings in all ages, from kids who can hardly walk to senior citizens.

“It depends on the child, but I have found that usually from five to eight or nine they are really scared of it,” said Sheldon. “If they’re under five, they don’t know they’re supposed to scared. The (Sheffield) Senior Center comes over and sees it.”

Sheldon with the help of his own grandchildren, Lincoln and Killian, are hopeful they’ll bring in a large crowd for this community event.

“I spend two to three-thousand dollars a year putting this thing on,” Sheldon said. “There’s 80-90 dollars worth of just batteries in the place. It’s free to the community (donations only). But if I put up the same thing every year, nobody would come. So, I got to keep changing it. I think it looks the best this year than ever.”

Sheldon’s Terror Lab — at 4 Mill St., Sheffield — is open from 6 to 9 p.m., starting Oct. 27, through the end of the month.


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