Dome installed at Martz Observatory

The Martz Observatory is proud to announce the installation of its second dome to house the Kohl Telescope, generously donated by Dr. Ronald Kohl of Lakewood, N.Y., and relocated to Martz’s newly expanded facility in Frewsburg, N.Y., through a generous grant recently awarded to the Martz Astronomical Association.

With this new telescope in place, joining Martz’s two existing research grade telescopes, the observatory joins the elite community of world class astronomical facilities observing and studying the cosmos.

Having already imaged objects many billions of light years distant in the far reaches of space and as far away in time as half way back to the origin of the universe, the Martz Observatory is now poised to dedicate at least one of its telescopes to robotic control from any remote classroom anywhere in Chautauqua County for critical STEM educational programs.

Martz frequently hosts on-site tours and observational opportunities for community and school groups. Recent events have included Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Cub Scout Troop visits, lectures and demonstrations by world famous astronomers and astrophotographers and groups of local teachers. Public viewing nights are also scheduled occasionally when good viewing weather permits. Visitors may use many of Martz’s telescopes or bring their own and also receive instructions in their best use.

The Martz Observatory capital campaign has already succeeded, through many generous individual, community and organizational contributions, in facilitating this phase of the facility’s expansion. The capital campaign now enters its next phase to raise funding for upgrading of the observatory’s handicap accessibility components, its conference, laboratory, telescope building and repair facilities.

All back yard stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts, students and their parents are invited to join the Marshall Marts Memorial Astronomical Association applications available on line at www.matzobservatory.org or to visit the observatory by making a reservation. There is no admission fee but contributions are accepted and appreciated. Martz is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax deductible.

Reprinted by permission of Walt Pickut, Jamestown Gazette editor


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