Local American Red Cross continues to provide vital services in Warren County

The United Fund of Warren County recently kicked off its Torchlight Campaign for 2013, and the Times Observer will support the efffort by publishing stories about each member agency. Today we take a look at the Red Cross, Hospice and The Salvation Army.

As a 24/7 response organization, the American Red Cross is always available to those in need of its vital services. At any given time of day whether weekday, weekend or holiday Red Cross volunteers may be on the ground, offering assistance to a neighbor in need after a disaster, providing preparedness training to an organization or community group, or following up with a military family after providing communication services during a personal emergency.

The Warren Chapter of the Red Cross is constantly working toward being a beacon of hope for community members during their darkest hours. On a daily basis, the organization provides immediate relief to disaster victims, assists military members and their families, trains the community in lifesaving skills and collects half of the nation’s blood supply. Through this work, the Red Cross strives toward accomplishing its humanitarian mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.

Last year, the local chapter responded to 16 home fires and floods, assisting nearly 80 people with their immediate, disaster-caused needs. The organization also provided services to 21 local military personnel and their families, collected 546 units of blood, provided refreshments to nearly 400 first responders at nine home fires and search-and-rescue operations, and provided preparedness information to more than 1,100 Warren County residents at schools, health expos and community events.

These vital services would not be possible without the generous donations and support from individuals, foundations, companies and agencies, such as the Warren County United Fund. As a nonprofit, volunteer-led organization, the Red Cross relies on kind donations of time and funding to sustain its efforts.

The Red Cross accomplishes all of its humanitarian work with compassion and empathy, leaving footprints of restoration and glimmers of hope in the face of emergencies and disasters.

For more information on the Red Cross, or to request assistance, call 723-6000.


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