DUI Task Force encourages social media posting

When the Warren County DUI Task Force has a checkpoint set up, go ahead and spread the word.

It might save a life.

For the task force, the goal is reducing the number of intoxicated drivers on the road.

“Our checkpoints are set up to be a deterrent,” Task Force Coordinator Todd Mineweaser said.

Over the Labor Day weekend, the task force set up at about 10 p.m. Saturday on Pennsylvania Avenue West in Warren.

Task force members from the cooperating agencies — Conewango Township Police, Youngsville Borough Police, City of Warren Police, Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Warren County Adult Probation, and Warren County District Attorney’s Office — made 44 stops, 22 in each direction.

Agents “conducted two standard field sobriety tests, made two DUI arrests, and two underage drinking arrests,” Mineweaser said. One of those arrested for DUI refused to submit a blood alcohol test. There were also four warning issued for equipment violations and three for minor moving violations.

Mineweaser said agents kept an eye on social media. “It only took about 30 minutes after we were set up (for the location) to be posted on social media,” he said.

That’s fine.

“We want people to know we are out,” he said. “We want maximum visibility in our DUI problem areas.”

“Our goal is to increase public awareness by deterring DUI violations, which in turn reduces the number of crashes, fatalities and injuries caused by DUI drivers,” Mineweaser said. “We won’t tell everyone where we are setting up but if others want to post warnings on Facebook to NOT DRIVE impaired we are appreciative of that.”

“We read one that said: ‘Do not drive drunk tonight cops are out and doing a checkpoint on the west side of the city, find a Uber or cab,'” he said. “That works for us. Nobody on our task force receives a bonus check for making the most DUI arrests or even one for that matter.”