Warren General Hospital

BOY (June 3, 2023) to Melissa and Doug Swatsworth, Russell.

BOY (June 7, 2023) to Molly and Eric Moore, Russell.

BOY (June 7, 2023) to Meghann Crosby and Curtis Hoffner, Grand Valley.

BOY (June 13, 2023) to Trista Wilson and Drake Johnson, Youngsville.

BOY (June 14, 2023) to Alysha and Bo Schoedel, Pittsfield.

BOY (June 22, 2023) to Timber R. Housler and Brenyn T. Whyte, Warren.

GIRL (July 1, 2023) to Dominique and Eric Fijas, Warren.

BOY (July 1, 2023) to Mary R. and Jacob L. Byler, Sugar Grove.

GIRL ( July 5, 2023) to Autumn and Devin Crowe, Pittsfield.

BOY (July 6, 2023) to Mariah N. Fitzgerald and Brandon M. Kipp, Sheffield.


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