The year may be new, but you are you

You are strong because you have struggled. You have been overcome and crippled. Held back by causes you could have avoided, and others that were inescapable. You have winced in pain and cried in defeat. You felt shredded. As if life were pulverized into fragments and it took everything you had to pick up the pieces. From here on, with every piece you pick up, the resistance lessens. And that is why you are strong.

You are humble because you have been humiliated. Shame has been a shadow over you. Whether it be what you did, what you’re doing, or what you know you will do. You have disgraced your friends, family, and yourself, and they to you. A trusted one has spoken of your secrets. At times, your lapse in judgement has left your very soul vulnerable to those with an appetite for exposing flaws. However this has taught you to strive not to seek vengeance, as that only will bring more evil upon yourself and the world, but rather peace. And that is why you are humble.

You are tenacious because you have been tested. You have went without rest for people who unequivocally deserved it, and others who absolutely did not. You have put loyalty and the credulity of your responsibilities ahead of your personal affairs. You have been a victim, and have felt the regret of being the persecutor. You fought like the predator, despite knowing you were the prey. Nevertheless, when the deck was stacked against you, you kept raising the stakes. Your persistence has kept you in the game. And that is why you are tenacious.

You are still standing because you have stumbled. The road you have taken has been less than smooth. You have spent much of your time walking up hill, only to see another elevation. You have felt the dirt beneath your feet leave impressions on the palms of your hands, from every time you have almost fell to your face. Each day has brought its own obstacles that repeatedly challenge your balance. You have felt your legs give way, your shoulders weighed down, and your head heavy, but you knew there were eyes on you. They may come from a child, a parent, a sibling, a friend, or from above, but you knew. And that is why you are still standing.

You are determined because you have been discouraged. You have been told you will not succeed, when you have known you have to. That you are wasting valuable time chasing dreams. Doubt has intimidated and unnerved you. Demoralization has left you depressed and drained. Difficult tasks have appeared so daunting that achieving them seemed impossible. Yet you held on. And yes, in spite of those who inflicted their negativity on you, you forged forward. Perhaps you haven’t lived your dream, but what you have is far from a nightmare. And that is why you are determined.

You are calm because you have been chaotic. You have felt the world around you collapsing in a thousand different directions and done so with a million thoughts. You have juggled life and love, children and family, work and health. Your list of priorities has been scrambled more than it is in order. These troubling times have been filled with a disorganized anarchy of turbulence. Nevertheless you ultimately conquer the volcanic events of life, time and time again. Each victory realizing that the world around you is only as tumultuous as you allow. And that is why you are calm.

You are focused because you have been forgotten. People you love have left you behind. You have loved and lost, only to see you have been omitted from their history. Your opinion has been buried by a louder voice in the room. You have been suppressed and fallen through the cracks. You have needed an ear to talk to or hand to hold, only to discover you’re talking to yourself, with no one to help you to your feet. There have been nights where you wait for a call you know you’ll never receive. There is no honor in abandoning the needs and memories of those around you. Therefore you sharpen your vision, to not look past them, but to keep them in your sights as your move on. And that is why you are focused.

You are persuasive because you have been powerless. Life has been taken out of your grip. Control is an afterthought. You have been destitute of options. Even with you giving your every fiber, you have failed, lost, and been beaten. You have felt as if you are at the bottom of a well with your hands tied behind your back, slowly watching the last sliver of light be cut away. However the light cannot every leave you if you still envision it with your eyes closed. Convincing yourself that you are not helpless can be the most wicked war imaginable. And that is why you are persuasive.

You are faithful because you have feared. Angst and anxiety have taken over your life at times. You have dreaded the horrors of tomorrow and panicked at the dismay of yesterday. Many days and nights you spent concerned for those around you that you love, while being paranoid of those who show only hatred towards you. Your distress caused you to tremble and sometimes cower. And not everything turned out perfect, or even well, but you are here. You’ve endured, you’ve progressed, and you will survive. And that is why you are faithful.

You are you because you have been yourself. This does not mean you have not changed or evolved. It certainly does not imply that you have been perfect or that every decision you have made has been the correct one. But at the end of whatever hell you have been through, it is you who has to feel it on the inside.

You were the one who struggled, and faced humiliation. You were tested and stumbled. Been discouraged while living in chaos. You were forgotten and left powerless. Fear had taken over your very being. But now you are stronger. With a humble tenacity to still stand determined to remain calm while focusing on persuading yourself and those around you to never lose faith. And that is why you are you.