For whom do they speak?

Dear Editor,

The NEA represents its members. It does not speak for textbook companies, school bus manufacturers, not any of the other companies that produce the many items necessary to successfully operate public schools.

However, for whom do the National Rifle Association (NRA) speak? There are approximately 4.5 to 5 million NRA members, about 1.5% of our total population. About 80% of gun owners do not belong to the NRA.

According to the (2014) Pew Research Center:

74% of NRA members favor background checks;

69% of NRA members favor closing Gun Show Loopholes — 30 states do not require background checks on sales between private individuals/gun shows;

82% of NRA members favor preventing persons on United States terror lists from buying guns and explosives;

69% of NRA members favor eliminating barriers which prevent information sharing between federal agencies and local police as to how guns came to be used in a gun crime;

76% of NRA members favor requiring reporting lost and stolen guns to police;

80-90% of NRA members support requiring federal agencies to share information on potentially dangerous persons — The Fix Gun Check Act;

The NRA vigorously opposes all of the above.

These poll results refute Trump crony Congressman Thompson’s February 23 statement: “The NRA advocates on behalf of law-abiding gun owners, just like our teachers here weigh in on educational issues.” Not so.

The NRA speaks for the gun industry. The NRA spent 419 million dollars on the 2016 Presidential campaign, nearly a half a billion dollars. The NRA spent over 70 million to help Trump. The NRA’s top priorities include the rollback of silencer safety laws and to gut state gun laws and promote concealed carry laws — more actions not favored by the majority of NRA members and opposed by the vast majority of Americans, yet supported by our two state legislators.

The NRA is a swamp that needs drained. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, and their fellow countrywide teen supporters, have taken the position to oppose all candidates who refuse to denounce NRA campaign contributions.

It is clear as to for whom and for what the youth speak as they seek common sense 2nd Amendment legislation. I wish them success as they confront federal and state legislature seemingly “bought and paid for,” whose members tend to “go along to get along.”

Don Scott,