MDJ Glenn Carlson

Decorum and graciousness are alive and well in Warren County. Although it is popular to comment on incidents that involve rudeness and self-promotion, I would like to focus on my colleague who has shown nothing but professionalism and patience for 18 years in public office. Magisterial District Judge Glenn Carlson is retiring this month and I want to attest that I have witnessed him consistently conducting himself with dignity and graciousness towards those that find themselves lacking in some area that requires judicial attention.

It is easy to remark about and observe the shortcomings of others. A judge is given rare opportunities to witness the raw facts of life on a regular basis. It is not only the defendants or litigants who are parties to the legal process, but the law enforcement officers, attorneys and clerks that also interact with the human condition at its worst, that Judge Carlson has shown kindness and upmost respect.

Those who know MDJ Carlson know his wit and his ease in giving a comment that puts dire circumstances into perspective or lightens the burden of the moment without losing compassion and concern. I will personally miss Glenn’s ability to make a statement, an assessment, without ill intent or a mean spirit. He does not shy away from colorful or colloquial language. But merely he does not speak with intent to harm or lower the reputation of another.

Those who worked with Glenn could always trust that he would listen and respect them. He was honest, but not mean. A towering figure, but able to talk with anyone. And a judge that would impose the consequences of bad actions, but never make you feel that you were less of a human being, and certainly not less than him. I never saw Glenn point a finger. He will be missed.

Thank you,

MDJ Laura Bauer