County-wide candidates


Here’s a look at the rest of the individuals who submitted petitions to be included on the primary ballot for offices throughout Warren County.


¯ Sugar Grove: council (four year) – Alexander Lopresti (R), Rob Hall (R); constable – Josef Bauer (R).

¯ Tidioute: council (four year) – Beverly A. Stotler (R).

¯ Youngsville: council (four year) – Richard Brewster (R), Troy M. Clawson (R).

No individuals filed petitions for positions in Clarendon and Bear Lake borough.


¯ Brokenstraw: supervisor (six year) – Nancy L. Reynolds (R), Brian M. Olsen (D); supervisor (two year) – Bill Hendrickson (R), Patrick Miniachi (D).

¯ Cherry Grove: supervisor (six year) – Jeffery R. Boutelle (R).

¯ Columbus: supervisor – Lonny Tim Eastman (D), David Goodwill (R).

¯ Conewango: supervisor (six year) – Vincent Duckett (R); auditor (six year) – Kathleen Duckett (R).

¯ Deerfield: supervisor (six year) – Thomas Kollar (R), Brenda Gibson (R).

¯ Eldred: auditor (six year) – Phyllis M. Makres (R).

¯ Farmington: tax collector (two year) – Marcy Stanton (R).

¯ Freehold: supervisor – Kevin Peterson (R), Tom Eyler (D).

¯ Glade: supervisor – Joe Scully (R); auditor (six year) – Cora Lee Wenzel (D); auditor (four year) – Jasmine Campbell (R).

¯ Limestone: supervisor – Valerie McGregor (R); auditor (six year) – Sarah McLaughlin (R).

¯ Mead: supervisor – Al Fox (R).

¯ Pine Grove: supervisor – Linda L. Farnsworth (D), Charles R. Morrison, Jr. (D).

¯ Pittsfield: supervisor – William L. Kibbey (R).

¯ Pleasant: supervisor (six year) – John R. Phillips (R); supervisor (two year) – Andrew Brooks (D).

¯ Southwest: supervisor – Paul E. Thompson, Sr.; auditor (six year) – Debbie L. Thompson (R).

¯ Spring Creek: supervisor – Jeffrey L. Thomas (R); auditor (six year) – Lori Weidner (D).

¯ Watson: supervisor – Albert Hendricks (R); auditor – Deborah Crone (D).

There were no individuals who submitted petitions for positions in Elk, Sheffield, Sugar Grove and Triumph townships.

No candidates filed for constable in the City of Warren in the Warren – South, Warren – East and Warren – West precincts.