Warren jail installs new technology

New technology that will allow the Warren County Jail to keep track of, well, everything is up and running.

Warden Jon Collins told the Prison Board that staff completed training on the new Guardian RFID system last week and that as of Thursday it was in operation.

The system will electronically track a host of things – inmate movements, medication, security checks.

Each inmate is issued a bracelet with a bar code.

Collins said the code would be scanned any time an inmate is moved or issued any number of items – a razor, toilet paper or a meal, for examples.

“Everything is recorded to the second,” he said. “(It has) been working flawlessly (and is) going to be extremely beneficial to staff and the county in the long run.

Grant funding through the county’s liability insurance provider covered the cost.

Previously, all the necessary records were documented now by hand.

“Everything is documented. Everything that the inmate does, that the officer does, is documented,” he said. “It’s going to be fantastic for everybody.”

He said it’s not 100 percent paperless but is 100 percent customizable.

“It’s real time,” he added.